Trendy sex

Apparently so claims a bunch of Westminster escorts. Sex can be just as trendy as many of the other fashions going around, but London escorts are not sure that sex can be trendy. Having a chat to a group of Heathrow escorts, I discovered that most of them still think that it is down to personal needs and what turns us on.

Here at the agency we are really interested in this topic, and to be honest we have not noticed any sex trends here in London. Are Westminster escorts wrong or right? We sat down to debate the topic, and to see what our expert team of top Heathrow escorts of thought about this concept of trendy sex.

Is there such thing as trendy sex? Sometimes Westminster escorts of come up with the craziest ideas. The latest is fashionable sex, or trendy sex but I would ask myself if it really exists.

Apparently across the pond they are now into no penetration sex which means that couples do not longer climax inside each other. It is said to lower the disease risk, and also make it easier for you to have “quick sex” So, what are you supposed to do? I could just imagine myself saying “Good morning darling, fancy a quick hand job before you got to work?” Honestly, is this the future of sex?

It all sounds a bit strange to me and the escorts work with agree with me. It is just one of these crazy ideas that comes out of the United States every so often, and it makes you wonder why so many nutty ideas are generated there.

If we don’t ever have penetrative sex, there is going to be an awful lot of gravestones out there with the inscription “returned unopened.” Use it or lose it I say, but perhaps the Americans have a different idea.

This would really finally knock the wind out of the sails of the porn industry, and for some reason, I think this is what the Americans are after. They do after all have a very strange attitude towards sex.

It seems that sex in the USA is still something that is mostly swept under the carpet. This is the country that produces some of the most sexually explicit dance and music videos in the world but seldom acknowledge sex. Having lived in the US, I know that sex is still quite a taboo subject.

At my American university there were still students who took chastity very seriously. I thought it was really nuts that a group of smart people believed it was vital to be virgins when they got married. After a weekend, many of the girls I spoke talked about going almost all the way with their boyfriends, and I personally found it unbelievable. But there you go, such is life in the US.

Well, if we are now to believe US escorts we should not be having penetrative sex because of health reasons. Does that mean that blow jobs are out of the question as well? It would be interesting to learn a bit more about this opinion, and tonight I will be surfing the net to find out if this crazy idea has come right out of the American Bible belt?

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