I Love Short Men

I don’t think that all of the girls at London escorts would agree with me here, but I have this thing about short men. It may surprise you as I am rather a tall girl. Some would even say that I am one of the tallest girls at our London escorts service, and could easily be taken for a model. But, that is not what it is all about. I have always had this slight fetish about short men, and all of my boyfriends have been shorter than me. Dating short men makes me feel like I am in charge, and a lot of the men who come to see me at the most amazing outcall escorts, do like to meet a woman who likes to be in charge.

I treat all of my short men as little naughty school boys. Well we girls do know that gents sometimes need a firm hand, and it could be a good idea to show that you know how to deliver that from time to time. If, my short boys at London escorts do not behave themselves, I simply make them stand in the corner until they have learned their lesson. I also like going out on dates with short men. It makes me feel super glamorous. Although I am a tall lady already, I make sure that I put my high heels on to make the most out of these two gorgeous long legs so much admired by my dates at London escorts. You see, my long legs go all of the way, and if you would like to follow when you have completed your lesson, they will lead to a very special place.

If you are not sure what I mean, give me a call at London escorts and book a lesson with me.Do short men have fetishes about tall women? The short men I have the pleasure of caring for at London escorts often think that they are the only ones who have a thing about tall women. That is not true. Look at Dudley Moore and Rod Stewart. Dudley Moore was certainly vertically challenged and Rod Stewart is not the tallest man in the world.

However, you always saw Dudley more with a tall lady, and Rod has his lovely tall Penny. She seems to be looking after him very well.If you are in the mood to hook up with this tall lady, you know where to find me. All you have to do is to give London escorts a call, and it will not be long before I am the girl on your doorstep. Give me some clue what you would like to do tonight so I am in the right dress. I am not so sure that you would like to take me to a fine restaurant in London wearing my school mistress dress. It is not exactly run of the mill, and also, you may not fit in so well in your school boy’s uniform… Maybe it is better to keep that private pleasure to yourself.

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