Wonderful Experience With A Cheap Escort In London

Alex has lived all his life traveling from one country to another. Being a backpacker from Australia, he wanted a new adventure. He got his equipment packed and went off to London. While in London he decided he wanted to have the experience of enjoying the company of an escort. This made him go online and look for escort agency. But when he looked at the prices, they were damn high, and he was operating with a tight budget. This narrowed his search to cheap escorts to spend a night with.

As he was searching for cheap escorts in London he found a quite local sea beach town that had some beautiful escorts. The following morning, he wore his swimming gear and went to the beach. Indeed there were a number of escorts there who were also looking for customers. He never had a hard time in getting one. He and one of the sexy ladies agreed on a price and Alex arranged for her to come over to his hotel room later in the evening.

Off went Alex to prepare for the night that he anticipated would be full of sexual fun. He bought some wine while he kept staring at the clock, waiting anxiously for the agreed time to reach. 8 o’clock sharp, Mary, the escort was at the hotel. He went down to the reception and picked her up. They preferred to first take some fresh sea breeze on the balcony, while sipping some wine. The wine and some soft music set the mood and it wasn’t long before they were cuddled together.

A little romance landed them in the bed. Mary was a professional cheap escort, and knew very well how to treat her clients. She began by slowly removing Alex’s shirt, followed by unzipping his trousers, exposing the pussy hungry cock. She gave him a thorough blowjob that made Alex cum on her face. She gave him time to cool down before starting to stroke his cock again, to which it became fully erect again.

On seeing that, she got on her knees and bent forward, and Alex penetrated her from behind. They made love slowly and passionately. The night finished off with the two trying various sex styles, some of which Alex had never tried before. By dawn, Alex was completely satisfied, and paid her for the wonderful services she had offered him.

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